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We guarantee real savings, verified monthly with actual utility bills, using our patented technology that has been successfully implemented across 1000+ buildings.

 Are you looking for ways to effectively cut costs so you can sustain or enable growth?

In today’s current economic environment, many organizations are facing budget cuts, lay-offs and are finding their once reliable sources of income at risk. This limits many leaders abilities to reach their goals of scaling their impact now while lowering their costs. Traditional approaches often include high investment costs and added uncertainty around their return on investment. 

At Key Energy Technology we use a patented software that is currently generating savings for 750+ organizations. Rather than urge our clients to buy new lighting and HVAC equipment, our software optimizes the assets you already have. Our partners achieve a quick payback and a perpetual stream of additional funds. They also end up with more comfortable buildings, facilities that are easier to manage and a lower carbon footprint. We guarantee real savings, verified monthly with actual utility bills.

Key Energy Works

Our innovative energy savings programs have been developed, tested, and proven effective for over a decade by clients in every industry.


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Key Energy Technology Solutions

Key Energy Technology’s new approach to energy savings involves optimizing already existing equipment through our patented energy management software that is customized to your organization.

Don't wait for savings

While other savings companies ask you to see the small, incremental, long term gains. Key Energy provides substantial energy savings quickly.

Utilize existing equipment

Most building equipment were installed are not tweaked for maximum efficiency and performance. Our methods look at your building and make all your equipment preform at their best and in sync.

Real Time Automation
Most equipment automation is rigid and can create higher costs and overwork equipment. Key Energy uses real time data to keep your equipment optimized at all times.
Improve building comfort
Uncomfortable buildings create a chain reaction of temperature adjustments that occur daily using your equipment more often. By maintaining comfort at all areas of a building, Key Energy reduces the number of adjustments that occur.
Increasing equipment life cycle

Excessive and ineffective usage of your equipment creates unnecessary wear and tear. At Key Energy, we are able to keep your building comfortable while utilizing your equipment as little as possible.

Energy coaching

Our unique approach to ongoing reinforcement accelerates your savings and creates a road map of easy-to-follow activities that will help you get to the top of your savings and stay there.

Reduce equipment downtime and repair

Equipment downtime times create expensive, urgent, and excessive stress. By reducing how often your equipment runs Key Energy can reduce equipment failure.

Who We Serve


Spend less time thinking about your equipment and gain additional revenue to your bottom line.

School Districts and Universities

Direct more resources to needs that make an impact for students and faculty.

Non-Profits and Ministries

Move your next initiative forward by adding more room to your budget.


Provide more services and needs to your community.

A Proven Success Path

Our innovative energy savings programs have been developed, tested, and proven effective for over a decade by clients in nearly every industry.



Cost Savings

Realized Savings Per Year

First United Methodist Church


Cost Savings

Realized Savings Per Year

School Client – Sweney, Texas


Cost Savings

Realized Savings Per Year

“At the end of the agreement, we will add approximately $142,000 annually back to our M&O budget for future use. We have saved $164,788 in just 20 months under this program.”

– Dr. DF, (Superintendent)

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